What is conversion?

Everyone is going on about conversion and leads, but what exactly is the big hype all about? Connecting with people who are interested in what you have to offer is a potential customer and is also called a lead. Conversion is when this customer signs up or pays for the product you are selling. And that is what the trick is all about. How to entice people to choose what you have to offer over what your competitors are offering? At the end of the day it has little to do with quality and pricing.

Getting traffic to your website is the easy part. There are great SEO techniques that can have your website flooded with visitors. We know all the secrets of the trade and how to make it happen.

Converting this traffic to customers is where the art of conversion optimisation lies. Precariously balanced so as to not let the potential customer go and yet not offend the customer with being too forceful.

Generating leads: This is where we work on getting interested people to visit your website. Here we have to ensure that we identify our target audience. Once you have zeroed in on your potential customers then we create a strategy on how to get their attention. How much time do they have on their hands? What are their other related areas of interests? And so on…

A bit of brainstorming can get us on the right track.

Directing traffic in the right direction

Traffic in this case are the visitors to your website. When people are surfing online we need to direct them in the right direction – to your website. We use special techniques to ensure that the traffic go where they are supposed to.

Working on conversions – sure shot techniques

Once you have a good flow of interested people visiting your website it is time to start pulling in the ropes and harnessing the sales. What is it that people are looking for in a particular product? Why do they select a particular brand and not another. Take note of minor details such as packaging and presentation to pricing and freebies. It all counts and has some role to play.

Do you need to beat the market by cutting costs or hype a brand and raise the cost by making a product exclusive? The end result is that people need to choose your product over the competitors.

Optimisation of conversions

The techniques for optimisation are very varied. It could be anything from simple changes on a website to running a poll. The product plays an important role in determining the kind of enhancement steps to be taken. We study the product, the market, the mood and devise a technique to combat the situation.

We are dealing with all kinds of people and most of them are unable to make up their minds or decide whether they should buy or not, or which product or brand to buy. In a tactful way we need to help people make that decision. When people have made a decision they feel relieved and we know we can make their choice worth their while. We need to follow this up with a reassurance that it was a good decision, lest they fear that it was made in haste or under pressure. This is all a part of the marketing strategy.

What is a good conversion ratio?

There is nothing specific in this segment because it depends on your product. In general we can work out a statistical chart that shows the current conversion ratio, the general conversion ratio and a target conversion ratio.  We can then link this to a time line and set targets and goals.

Increasing sales without increasing investment cost.

It’s not all about investing money, it’s about strategy and creativity, and it is about selling the product.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend tons of money to make money. Marketing and promotions is an investment that should reap you big dividends and you should not feel the pinch. When the profits come rolling in you should be able to say “it was money well spent.”

Conversion optimisation is the secret to increased sales and profits.

Business growth stems from a continuously increasing customer base while holding on to your existing customers. A successful company knows how to hold on to existing customers before looking for new ones. Happy customers can help get you many new customers too.

We work alongside you and share in your joy of success.

Your business and products together with our digital marketing talent is the winning combination. A consistent strategy and reliable technique formulated especially for your business by our capable and experienced team of talented specialist.