What a person sees has a direct and lasting impact in their brain.

Visuals draw more attention than text. When a person sees an image they remember it better than when they see a phrase. If the image is interesting then a person will read the accompanying text. Capitalising on the psychological aspect is our strategy when it comes to display advertising.

We focus on how to make a lasting impression.

Give a person a visual image that keeps their mind engaged. Something that makes them ponder on it and this helps to strengthen the influence of that product or service has in their life. An image that has depth to it has a deep impact. Subconsciously the brain reflects on it.

A visual can speak to a person in numerous ways. This is one of the major reasons display advertising is a very important part of branding and promotion.

Why display advertising?

Increase your visibility and use the World Wide Web for achieving this objective. Withdigital advertising a company announces its existence. It also serves as a reminder when you highlight certain products because the competition is high and people’s memories are short.

What is the ulterior motive of digital advertising?

In most cases digital advertising is used for creating brand consciousness. Companies that have launched new products may like to promote an awareness of the new product through digital advertising.

Familiarity: A brand name or a product that is familiar always becomes a preferred choice.

Brand advertising is the rage that has made a great difference to the way people view products. In a situation where a person has a choice between a number of products they eventually settle for a product of a brand that they are familiar with. Somewhere in their sub conscious they seem to feel that the fact that the familiarity of the name assures them of a certain quality or standard.

How we do Display Advertising

Show case your product or service not just where people can see it, but where people have time to see it and capture what it is projecting.

It is these little things that give us the advantage and make us leaders in the field of digital marketing.

A billboard gets an attention span that is under a second.

Commercial breaks on television get side-tracked, people’s attention is diverted. It is a break to get up and take care of an urgent task. Online display advertising gets the maximum attention and this is what we use.

Channels for Digital Advertising

For Display advertising we use the popular channels with high viewership.

The new age of technological advancements ensures that everyone is exposed to some form of online advertising. Moulding this to suit our advantage is where our skill comes into play. The areas of our focus areengagement andconversion.

Some of the formats used are:

  • Banners: Catchy phrases and images on banners is one of the most popular forms of display advertising and probably the oldest too. Somehow banners are able to capture the attention of a person like no other form of advertising.
  • Images: Witty graphics – there are two types of advertising the first type is where the ad directly tells the person about the product they are promoting and the second type is where it subtly promotes the product without making it obvious. Both methods are very effective and need to be used simultaneously.
  • Videos: Audio visuals that have a short and interesting story line is the best way to capture the undivided attention of a person. Product information can be clearly projected through a video.

It is not so much the format of the adas the methods of advertising used and the target audience reach that accounts for the success of the campaign. Rich media always attracts attention.

There are many platforms and formats used for digital advertising. When you opt for this mode of promotion it is important at the onset to determine the target audience and accordingly work out the strategy and channels to be used. The context is the next stage of digital advertising and an equally important part.

There is much to be achieved through digital advertising. The investment is minute when compared to the dividends that a company reaps. Employing the services of a leading digital marketing firm like Media Jaspers is a step in the right direction for untold success.