Pay per click advertising

Advertising is the best way to enable people to see the product or service you have to offer. Without advertising the people out there wouldn’t know what you have to offer.

How do you announce to the world that you have a product or services to offer?

There has to be some medium or channel to let the world outside know what you are selling.
When the general population is aware of your goods or services you start making sales and your business is in motion.

Which mode of advertising should you use?

How will you determine the medium to promote your product or service in a highly competitive market? It is time to call in the experts to help you with your advertising planning.

The right strategy: How do you determine the right advertising strategy for your product? This needs the professional assistance of Media Jaspers. With the right strategy you can get a very high conversion ratio. Pay-per-click is a very effect method to engage potential customers.

How does pay per click work?

It is a simple technique where we place your ad very strategically in prominent places over the internet that has very high traffic flow. You only pay when a person clicks on your ad. By clicking on your ad the person is redirected to your website.
The Media Jaspers team are the gurus in Digital Marketing. We know exactly how to push your product out, right in the front of the competition.

Use the right advertising channel.

Put your money where it will get you the best results. Pay-per-click ads get you genuine leads. A person who takes the effort to click on your ad does so because they are interested to further explore your offer.

Attract genuine traffic to your website.

Traffic to your website is not so much about the volume and a high number on the counter. It is a matter of quality and attracting genuine visitors. You can increase the flow of genuine traffic to your website through PPC. The Pay per click module helps to direct only genuine interested visitors your way.
Help people decide what they want. Some folks can’t seem to make up their mind and sometimes a little help from us can help them make the right choice to purchase the right product. When people are not sure, a good pay per click ad in front of them can help to point them in the right direction, to your website.

The pay per click concept.

While in some countries pay per click is very prevalent, in others it is just emerging as a new digital marketing concept.
Pay per click has been leading the way for search engine marketing. Media Jaspers incorporates these digital marketing tools and formulates a strategy that helps to generate maximum conversion.

Paid search is a very powerful tool that can be easily optimised to drive maximum traffic. The most common and widely publicised pay per click module is Google AdWords. Google strategically paces your ad on their search engine page giving your ad the best viewership ever. Bing also offers a similar service on their search engine. A number of social media platforms also promote pay per click ads.

Why pay per click?

When there are so many other ways to promote your product over the internet, you may wonder why pay per click. Simply because PPC gives you low cost leads and helps drive interested visitors to your website.

What is a good ad?

A pay per click ad needs to be concise, conveying relevant information in a few words. A well designed ad that is product specific can be a great help in attracting people to your website and increasing sales.

What are the types of pay per click ads?

There are a number of different types of pay per click ads like text ads, banners, product specific ads etc. We select the type of ad to use, which is most suited to your needs or we may use a combination of ad types.

At the heart of pay per click.

A good pay per click campaign revolves around keywords. It is important to use very specific and relevant keywords for PPC. General keywords results in wastage of advertising funds by encouraging people with no particular specific interest to click on your ad. When you are paying for an ad, you want only the genuinely interested visitors clicking on your ad.

Who’s driving your traffic?

Hire the best drivers at Media Jaspers.