Re-modelling the way people think about marketing is what we do.We do not take the shortest but the surest route to success when it comes to digital marketing.The success of every business rests on its marketing techniques and channels. Is your marketing strategy bringing you the kind of profits you desire or do you want to see the revenue graph grow further upwards?

Satisfaction stunts growth and it is the drive to do better and continue to grow that has made remarketing such a successful technique. Remarketing is taking over the internet is a slow but steady pace.

What’s the difference between marketing and remarketing?

While marketing focus on the masses and the general public, remarketing focus on those who have shown some inclination towards your product. This is where we get into action with remarketing and target this segment of folks. With remarketing we work on the people who are possible customers and convert them to satisfied customers.

Who needs remarketing?

Any business or sole proprietor who is keenly intent on promoting a product online and leveraging the potential of the internet to their advantage. Remarketing is the next step after marketing, when you want to go further and use your resources to see some immense results. Not just drawing fish to the bait, but enticing them to bite as well.

Why do you need remarketing?

People are constantly scouting around on the internet to see what is trending, what is on sale or generally what is available. They visit multiple websites not really taking any action, just browsing. Well if someone has shown some interest in your product then we must remind them about it. How? They will constantly see your ads on every page they visit. Finally they are led to believe that your product is the most popular. This actually works well in convincing them to go ahead and buy it.

In another situation – it is a product they desire, but are not quite sure they should indulge by purchasing it. The reappearance of your ad increases the temptation until they finally give in and purchase the product. This is the art of remarketing and we are the masters in it.

Serving gentle reminders and playing on consumer psychology.

Sometimes people look online for a particular product or service and then get distracted with something else. Life is busy and there’s so much to do and remember and it is understandable that people tend to forget. They need some gentle reminders about the product with remarketing. This is the product they had looked at earlier. When they keep seeing your ad they finally go back and pick up the item.

There are some pertinent questions that arise when it comes to remarketing.

  • Will it justify the cost involved? Ideally the return on investment for remarketing should be at least 7 to 10 times more than your put in. And let Media Jaspers prove this to you.
  • Will it make a difference to my sales? Why else would we ask you to indulge in remarketing? You will definitely see a marked increase in sales.
  • Will customers fall for the bait? Remarketing is a tried and tested technique or it wouldn’t be on the market. We know the art of making it work for you.
  • What if my sales don’t improve? This is the part that you leave up to us. We are the marketing experts. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t know what we were doing.

What is the concept behind remarketing?
The idea is to reclaim those potential customers who showed some interest and then left your website. Whatever their reason for leaving is not our concern, we are keen to bring them back and optimise your conversion rate.

It is worth much more to invest in converting a person who has shown interest than to find potential customers in the vast open sea. This is why we stress on remarketing If someone has shown some interest there is a very good chance that we can convince them to buy your brand over a competitor’s.

How does remarketing actually work?
Remarketing is a simple ad, but with a difference. This ad has a tracking code that uses cookies to pick up patterns of potential customers. Marketing to people who have an interest in your product or service is a wiser way to use resources.

Marketing is all about the numbers. It’s a tough world of competition out there and we have to do what it takes to not just stay afloat but to catch the bigger and better fish. That is the reality behind the increase in revenue, the improved performance and the employee bonuses.

Remarketing is marketing with an advantage. Selling a product to a person with a smattering of interest is more meaningful than try to sell to a person whose interest you have no clue about.