Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most popular platforms for interaction and communication today. Almost everyone has a social media account and on an average a person spends at least 5% to 7% of their waking time on social media. This probably equates or even supersedes the time spent watch TV.

Why social media?

Social media has seen a tumultuous growth over the last decade and has a very wide viewership. This is one reason that social media sites are flooded with advertisements promoting goods and services.

Social media has the widest out reach.

To promote a service or product one must choose a platform that offers high visibility.

Capturing audience attention.

In this fast paced living style it is a huge task to get a person’s undivided attention. Social media is a platform that seems to have devised a way to captivate a person. While a person is scrolling through posts, the marketing campaigns catch their attention. This is probably the one channel where you can be sure to get the maximum attention span for a random ad.

Social Media Strategies
There is a way to use social media to derive the maximum benefit. We have a number of strategies that we employ. These may be broadly categorised under the following heads:

Connecting with customers
Social media is all about connecting with people. When people feel a connection they automatically convert to customers.
People who are bombarded with the sales pitch tend to shy away. For this reason we find it very important to establish a connection and familiarise people with the different options that they could avail of.

  • Quality rather than quantity
    Most people are impressed by numbers. In marketing what matters is the quality of visitors. Getting 10 visitors to your site who are interested is more worthwhile than 100 visitors who are not interested.
  • Know your customers
    Social media is not a sales platform but rather a place to get to know who your customers are. People are automatically interested in offers where they feel the personalised attention. Social media offers a one to one interaction.
  • Create the curiosity
    Social media is a wonderful place to use advertising tactics. Put out a few tag lines that generate curiosity. Drop a few hints along the way and lead people to the place you want them to be. This method can only be successfully carried out over a social media platform.

Which social media platform?
There are lots of social media platforms. Facebook is among the more popular ones. Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and few others all have their own place and selection of society. While almost everyone is on social media, people choose the platform that helps them with the kind of social interaction they prefer.

For general products and services promotion is done best on a social media platform that has a large audience.
For products with a specific cliental one needs to put in a little more work on this front and identify which social media platform your target audience are using, where can you find them.

Identify the target audience.

Without a clear idea of who you would like to pitch your product to it is difficult to identify where you should promote your goods or service.
An important first step is to identify the target audience.
The next step is to figure out the social media platform that is most commonly used by the selected target audience.

Will people look for your product on a social media platform?

Is social media the kind of place that a person would look for the kind of product you are offering? This is a pertinent question that needs to be pondered before allocating funds. Spending money for promotion on the wrong channel is wastage of resources.

Even if social media is not the platform to promote your product, social media can be used to create product awareness. Product awareness is of great significance as it could ultimately lead to a huge growth in sales.

There are hundreds of social media platforms and new ones being launched almost every day.

Which are the platforms that would do your product promotion justice?

Which platforms will get you the maximum response and help increase your sales? At the end of the day it all comes down to revenue growth and maximising profits using the best channels to achieve this target. At Media Jaspers our intention is to go with you all the way to see this sales graph grow upward at a steady pace.