A video is the most powerful marketing tool.
The concept of using videos for marketing has been around for a long time, however the platforms have changed. It has come a long way from the big screen to television and now down to the internet and social media.

Why video marketing?
Believe it or not but video marketing is the least competitive stream of publicity at the moment, while its influence covers a very large segment of the market.

Of all the different marketing modes, what is the video advantage?

A video can convey a large amount of information in a short few seconds clip. Over and above that people prefer watching videos to reading text – it is faster and takes less effort.

What difference does a video make?

Videos are persuasive. What matters most in video marketing is the platform. It is a channel that has a wider outreach to the target audience and is engaging in its approach.

What kind of interest do videos generate?

The answer is obvious and requires little thought. Short videos have a very high viewership. You tube the second largest search engine is the best place to post videos with a link to social media and blog sites or a website.

Videos can be hosted on a number of platforms, shared on social media and chat forums.
Interesting videos are passed around very quickly on social media and other mediums of communication. There is no predicting the kind of area it can cover and to what extent of the earth it can reach. On these platforms the videos can cover a very wide area especially with the growing popularity of smartphones.

Very few companies opt for video marketing.

Other than main stream television advertisements there are not many companies who explore this channel. The reason for this are varied. The lack of awareness is one factor. Organisation do not realise what a huge impact a few videos can have on their brand or product.

An investment with high dividends: One of the main reasons limited companies opt for video marketing is the large investment. However, when compared with the returns, the investment seems like a very nominal figure. Creative talent and entertaining videos pays big dividends.

Getting a video to go viral is a great method for publicity. To generate this kind of an interest the video needs to have an element of controversy to it. The contents of the video could be anything, but with the right message at the end – a brand name or a product slogan.

Video marketing for brand promotion: It’s all about the brand – get people familiar with your product and company.

How does one make a video?

It takes a creative team of professionals with different talents.

Professional skill set for video marketing: Making a video is no ordinary task. This requires a number of very special skill sets. The most important aspect of a marketing video is the concept. The theme of the promotion campaign plays a very vital role.

A few highlights of video marketing in brief
· Videos are specific – to the point
· The message is very clear
· A short video can depict more than words
· Videos get undivided attention
· It creates an emotional bond
· Wide outreach in short time span

Building the trust factor: Video helps to create a personalised link. Watching a person talk has an element of a personal connection like when a person speaks one on one to another person. It also helps you to relate better to potential customers and to build up the trust factor.

Emotional benefit of video: People feel an emotional connect to a brand when they watch a video with a message personally addressed to them.

Videos for SEO: Most search engines give preference to engaging content and nothing is more engaging than a video. Videos are the best thing for good for Search Engine Optimisation and it results in high conversions.

Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing; people actually give their time and attention to watch a video. It leaves an indelible impact on the sub-conscious part of the human brain, which triggers a memory button when they come across your brand or product.

A video conveys the most effective message about a brand or product to the world, with a much greater impact than any other form of marketing.