What does website design mean?

The basic layout with images and text is the way a lay person sees it. Many people are not sure of the significance and role that the design of the website has.

What is the first thing someone sees when they open a website?

The website design is the first thing that hits them. If the design is appealing, you have their attention for a while.

When a person opens your website, what is their first thought?

A website design has an immediate effect on a person’s emotional outlook. The first thought should be one of being pleased.

What effect does the design of the website have on the people who view it?

  • The design of the website is what a person sees when they open a website.
  • The very first impression is formulated based on whether the design appeals to them or not.
  • If the design is appealing they proceed to read the content and see what it says. Content is secondary to design.
  • In essence it is the user interface that matters. It is the one aspect of prime importance in a website design.
  • A website design has a direct impact on the feelings of a person. A soothing appearance, immediately makes a person feel calm and relaxed. A loud and garish design is suitable if that kind of mind set suits what your website is projecting.

What a website design does not have to be…

A website design does not have to be complicated

The design does not have to be filled with colourful – even a combination of black and white can look very attractive

The design does mean the page has to be full of stuff – A simple and tasteful page can be as appealing

The website does not have to be filled with long detailed descriptions about your product or service.

Professional web designing

A website designed by a professional is obvious, the professionalism shows. In the same way armature designing stands out – the flaws are glaring. Opt for professionalism, the wiser choice that you won’t ever regret.

This is the reason why you hire our professional services for your website design.


What is a professional website design?

A team of people each skilled in a different task combine their efforts to put together a website. Each aspect of the website is carefully deliberated, analysed and passes the critical tests to produce a refined output that meets the quality and other required standards, all the while keeping in mind the motive and purpose of the website as a whole.

What you will get from us

Our professional website design speaks for itself with

  • Relevant content: We keep it to the point. Interesting and informative content that tells you what you need to know in a limited number of words. No long drawn out details that tend to make a person lose interest.
  • Appropriate images:Pictures speak very loud and gets a person’s attention almost immediately. An image that appropriately projects what you are trying to say does half the job for your website.
  • Attractive banners:They flash across the page and are hard to miss. Even if someone doesn’t have time to look at the rest of your website, the banner is can’t be ignored. We ensure that the banner conveys important promotional information.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: A website that is comprehensive and easy to get around is what a visitor prefers. If someone is visiting you website they are looking for some specific information and they should be able to find it easily.


How Media Jaspers designs your website

Media Jaspers have global experience in designing websites. We utilise a global talent pool to give you a website design that will help your business grow and reap great benefits from your online presence.  Our rich experience ensures that your website not only has great aesthetic appeal but is able to engage visitors,which leads to great conversion.

We do whatever it takes to give our clients the best and get the desired results. The design of your website is of utmost importance and is the factor that will determine if a visitor wishes to continue reading what you have to say.